A Chiropractor Is A Holistic Medical Practitioner

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Why is this? For one thing, the andersonville chiropractor is far less likely to be utilizing prescribed medication. Also, he will not be utilizing surgical procedures and its related apparatus both typical of the urban or Westernized operating environment. There may well be a referral for prescribed medication but only under extreme circumstances.

Extreme circumstances as in the case where symptoms of pain have reached unbearable levels, so much so that the standard chiropractic remedy will not be able to alleviate the pain during one treatment session. Because that is usually what happens. Particularly when injuries to the body are quite severe, the treatment regime required needs to be carried out in structured stages over a prescribed period of time.

This could take weeks; it could even take months. Now, setting aside the extremes for a moment so as not to scare you off, just remember that chiropractic medicine is quite safe. Earlier, it was remarked that the use of prescribed medication, for one thing, may be quite minimal. The use of surgical tools is not on the agenda.

In fact, let’s just correct that last line for a moment. Indeed, the chiropractor will be using tools. His hands, no less. Very practiced and skilled hands, to be sure (in more ways than one). The treatment applications, while they do, at times, require forceful manipulation, are non-invasive. The patient will not be subjected to conventional surgical treatments. Not only is it (surgery) mostly a case of 50-50 chances of success, it is generally irrelevant to the initial diagnoses.

Bear in mind that chiropractic work goes beyond the obvious. It could, in fact, it does include the welcome treatment of massage therapy. Which means to say that this form of medicine can also be utilized as preventive treatment.